My full manifesto for Lichfield will be released here on Thursday, 22 April.

Aside from the manifesto, I’ve committed myself to the following five principles:

I will be easily accessible to residents
I’ll respond to your needs and concerns by being an open, accessible and impartial representative that values your voice on local issues. In March, I shall be holding policy forums on Zoom and will be available to answer your questions during the election campaign. I can be contacted via the following means: by email (, my website (, by Facebook (, and by Twitter (

I will claim no expenses during the entire term of office
I’ll carry out the task of representing you for free. At a time when trust between the politicians and the people is weak, I will help restore trust by refusing to use a discredited expenses system open to corruption and abuse. Any money I require to represent you will be funded from my own pocket, avoiding any additional financial burden on hard-pressed taxpayers in Lichfield many of whom are struggling enough already.

I will remain as an independent representative should I be elected
I will not change my political allegiances during the term of office for any reason. My duty in representing you will never be to enhance my own social status. As one of the people, I shall represent the people. I’ll confront each issue objectively, honestly and by a comprehensive analysis of all factors involved without any obligations to external groups or organisations looking to influence policy outcomes.

I will uphold the Nolan principles of public office
I’ll commit myself to the values of selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership set out in the Nolan Report. I’ll work to continuously improve the quality of political representation you have in Lichfield, working closely with organisations and individuals in the community to recognise merit and reward high standards.

I will be a representative for all constituents not just my voters
I’ll aim to be an independent representative for everyone in the area I’m elected to represent, whether they vote for me or against me. I’ll do what’s best for the area and the people within it by presenting honest, factual, evidence-based reasons for the decisions I’ll make in office. Though it is impossible to please everyone, I aim to a representative that earns the respect and trust of the people I’ll serve.

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