Third wave fears at odds with return to normality as independent rules out taking COVID vaccine

If more than half of the country has received a first vaccine, therefore acquiring a significant immunity greater than any comparable European country, why should we be concerned by a supposed ‘third wave’ when we’ve also been told that said vaccine regardless of manufacturer is effective (to varying degrees) against all variants? If the infection and death rates rise even when a majority have been vaccinated, that would surely prove the government has lied to the people with the argument that the vaccine is the way out of the situation? Regardless, it is very clear that the government and so-called ‘leading scientists’ and ‘experts’ who remain nameless and faceless will now say anything to keep the hysteria and panic continuing, and so it just happens to be at the moment Britain is coincidentally set to be on the road back to ‘normal’ that we hear this news.

It saddens me to hear whenever someone says they believe things are getting better, but there’s a crucial difference between what we believe and what actually is true. In any relationship there’s give and take. Unfortunately in this instance the people have given all but the government have taken all, be it freedom to travel or even to hug members of your own family. They have trampled on liberty in a way no other regime has and they must not be rewarded for it. I wouldn’t trade my finances, job, business, mental health, physical wellbeing and social interaction for the sake of a relatively harmless virus – and without the propaganda, most other people wouldn’t either. Increases in domestic violence, suicides and deaths from heart disease and cancer are simply not a sacrifice worth making for the sake of ‘protecting the NHS’ and rolling out a vaccine either. As per my right to free choice, I will certainly not be taking the government’s vaccine and I implore others to do the same and think more critically about what it is they’re being told by authority figures.

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