Independent denounces government coronavirus restrictions

What could we possibly do that we aren’t already doing? The government is acting as though we were back in March again; it has forgotten everything that has happened in the last six months. Moving the goalposts from deaths to cases has led to all sorts of major issues. Domestic violence, suicides, poor mental health, business collapses, lost jobs and redundancies, poverty and starvation are all on the increase. The national lockdown was a failure both socially and economically, and the social distancing guidelines are scientifically redundant. If a sneeze can leave the human body at two hundred miles per hour and be detectable up to forty metres away, what good is a two-metre social distancing rule?

The state must not be able to use the threat of force or harm to coerce us into doing what it wants.

Christopher J. Wilkinson

The case rates are less than 1 in 1000, and yet somehow that arbitrary benchmark is being used as an excuse to impose yet more liberty-destroying measures. They’re not controlling the virus; they’re controlling you and your freedom. Maybe the Conservative Party needs to realise that the measures they are forcing us to adopt are what needs to change, not the behaviour of rational-minded individuals. The state must not be able to use the threat of force or harm to coerce us into doing what it wants. If we must redouble our efforts to fight anything, it must be to resist this ugly and illogical attempt at all-out totalitarianism.

Published by Christopher J. Wilkinson

Company Director of Blacklist Press Ltd.

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