Independent expresses concerns over public willingness to return to normality

At what point will people be willing to ‘get back to normal’? Do all deaths have to cease, or all cases have to be eliminated? How many people have to die from untreated cancer or heart disease or suicide or starvation before people change their minds? How many jobs must be lost, and how many businesses destroyed? The most die-hard adherents to the lockdown, social distancing and wearing of masks are now so detached from what normal is they likely won’t be able to revert back. Freedom to them is a mental illness that’s best gotten rid of, not a social value needing to be defended for the betterment of humanity. They’ll walk among us in silence when we eventually return to normal and we won’t know who they are again. I fear these people.

Published by Christopher J. Wilkinson

Company Director of Blacklist Press Ltd.

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