Push for gender neutral language raises questions from independent

If ever there was a greater reason to stand for election this year, I’d love to know what it is because this sort of thing that shouldn’t be making the local news. If I wished to be referred to as ‘chairman’ or ‘chairwoman’ or ‘chairperson’, I’d hope to be referred to as chairman, chairwoman or chairperson respectively. It’s a matter of personal preference that certainly shouldn’t be enforced to delegitimise natural gender values. There is nothing wrong with being a man or a woman, and our language should reflect that by reinforcing who we are as individuals. And on another note, is this really the most pressing issue at hand in the community right now? What about the social isolation among the elderly, rising cases of poor mental health and a decline in physical wellbeing due to lockdown, the rash of housing being built around Lichfield without supporting infrastructure, the mounting financial pressures and job losses facing families, the new budget tax rises ready to wallop working households – that’s the stuff we need to be debating because that’s the stuff that really matters.


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