Christopher J. Wilkinson launches liberty campaign in Lichfield

Hello there,

I’m Christopher Wilkinson, an independent libertarian candidate based in Lichfield, Staffordshire. I believe in the sovereignty of the people, the defence of freedom and civil liberties, free speech and free expression, a written constitution to enshrine our birth rights as an untouchable law, and the championing of free market capitalism and low taxation; invigorating and unique ideas in an otherwise morally bankrupt political landscape seemingly willing to desert any remaining vestiges of values and principles.

It is my view that politics must no longer be permitted to vandalise the inalienable freedoms and liberties, rights and responsibilities of the individual for the purpose of self-interest and self-preservation. If the events of this year are to be a barometer to the future of British politics, then we are facing very dark times indeed. The recent election was the first in living memory in which both the Conservative and Labour parties pledged higher spending and higher taxes. I believe in low spending and low taxes – a simple yet crucial difference.

I want to see the flame of private enterprise, investment and opportunity for all reignited. I want to see a better system of representation and a restoration of traditional democratic principles. I want to live in a world of free speech and free expression where everyone’s voice can be heard no matter what words are spoken. Most of all, I want to see an end to the state’s oppressive encroachment upon increasing aspects of our daily lives. There is much more to life than politics alone.

While studying at university, I loathed the culture of bans, no-platforming, blacklisting, virtue-signalling ‘hate speech’ regulations and student culture existing within an unquestioned collectivist echo chamber, accepted as normal without criticism, only to find that this has increasingly formed the structural basis of the modern British political state at large. Identity now matters more than bread and butter issues; style has trounced substance, and this trend must be reversed if we are to be free individuals once more.

For these reasons, I am pleased to announce that I intend to put myself forward as a candidate for the Lichfield City North ward in the 2021 Staffordshire County Council election.

I feel the prospects for progress in this area are very positive; Lichfield is a city I’ve grown up in an know well. Together with your support, we can create a firm stronghold for the values of liberty, freedom and sovereignty here. I also want to take the message of liberty to the local colleges and universities and help turn the ugly tide of radicalism and irrationality that has infected the discourse of younger generations by informing today’s students of the alternate available to them, for their own sake and the sake of future generations.

Let’s make Lichfield the beating heart of British libertarianism. If you are willing to join me in this venture to help with events, campaigns or to stand as a political candidate yourself, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. I look forward to the many campaigns, conversations, events and elections to come.

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