Independent exposes council budget time bomb

Councillor Rob Strachan, Lichfield District Council’s cabinet member for finance, has admitted that the financial impact of the coronavirus on the budget is ‘unquantifiable’ though has acknowledged that ‘the financial impact we forecast could be between £1.2 million and £4.5 million’. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the council hasn’t the first idea of howContinue reading “Independent exposes council budget time bomb”

Lichfield District Council economic record faces independent criticism

The keystone of accountable local government is the responsible management of taxpayer’s money. Lichfield District Council, controlled by the Conservatives, are meeting today to discuss the local economic impact of the coronavirus. Cabinet member for finance, Councillor Strachan, has expressed that there is a need ‘to ensure that public money is spent wisely in itsContinue reading “Lichfield District Council economic record faces independent criticism”

Christopher J. Wilkinson launches liberty campaign in Lichfield

Hello there, I’m Christopher Wilkinson, an independent libertarian candidate based in Lichfield, Staffordshire. I believe in the sovereignty of the people, the defence of freedom and civil liberties, free speech and free expression, a written constitution to enshrine our birth rights as an untouchable law, and the championing of free market capitalism and low taxation;Continue reading “Christopher J. Wilkinson launches liberty campaign in Lichfield”