Council criticised by independent over Lichfield Masterplan funding

Not exactly the most pressing of causes to be allocating taxpayer’s money to at this time. I doubt hard pressed local residents who’ve endured the painful experience of a state-imposed lockdown, food shortages, job losses, voluntary redundancies, business closures, mental health pressures, declining physical wellbeing and social deprivation would place a city centre renovation as a high priority. Nor would they be sympathetic to yet another fleecing for cash by a council that has no electoral mandate for the Lichfield Masterplan yet can’t even administer an acceptable waste disposal service properly.

…the shadow of the failed Friarsgate project still hangs firmly in the air

Christopher J. Wilkinson

The gall of our council to introduce another grand infrastructure project way beyond the financial means of our city is astonishing, especially since the shadow of the failed Friarsgate project still hangs firmly in the air. What better testament could there be to the failed planning and over-promising of a local council than an economically redundant 3.1-hectare plot of wasteland firmly placed in our city centre?

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