Coronavirus Act renewal comes under fire from independent

Yesterday, the House of Commons voted to renew the Coronavirus Act 2020 for a further six months. 330 MPs voted in favour, 24 MPs voted against and the remainder abstained. The most dictatorial, freedom-hating, liberty-destroying government in British peacetime history has just received a mandate from our supposed representatives to continue unabated to destroy jobs, wreck businesses, eliminate incomes, worsen mental health issues and keep people in domestic incarceration. The government has demonstrated not only contempt for parliament and contempt for scrutiny, but contempt for democracy. To those who thought that the December election cleared out the traitors, think again.

The coronavirus is not the only killer.

Christopher J. Wilkinson

The coronavirus is not the only killer. Through its utterly detestable policies, the state has led people to suicide, has taken the dignity of those in care homes and has let children live in fear. For many now, life is no longer worth living. They have shown a total disregard for the self in favour of the collective. Yet there are still too many who are not fully convinced of the evil of the state’s actions. They are blind to these negative effects because they are surrendering to the government’s propaganda instead of finding out the facts for themselves. Their ignorance cannot be our downfall.

I do not consent to what the government is doing or why. It has no right to inflict harm on my person.

Christopher J. Wilkinson

In lauding the latest chapter in the Conservatives’ totalitarian nightmare, Matt Hancock let slip that the state’s strategy is to wait until a vaccine is developed before the Act may be rolled back, even though vaccines cannot cure viruses. It is looking increasingly likely that the strategy involves restoring our freedoms (and even then, in a lesser quantity than before) when we are forcibly given a potentially dangerous and relatively untested drug against our will. I do not surrender myself to statism. I do not consent to what the government is doing or why. It has no right to inflict harm on my person. We must intensify our effort in the battle to secure our liberty.

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