Independent raises doubts over new location for Friary Grange Leisure Centre

The decision on whether Stychbrook Park should be selected as the proposed site of the new Leisure Centre has been hurried through without much time for public scrutiny. This is clearly unacceptable. As with the new housing developments proposed for Netherstowe and Leyfields, the environment should not be compromised for the sake of generating additional tax revenues to expand the already bloated local authority.

…local residents do use these green areas for their own activities.

Christopher J. Wilkinson

There is such a thing as community, and local residents do use these green areas for their own activities. In the case of Stychbrook Park, the green space is already used for sports and is frequently visited by dog walkers. Green spaces help preserve urban wildlife and improve land value in the surrounding areas, and I am saddened that this hasn’t been a major consideration in the council’s decision.

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