Independent scorns Staffordshire County Council climate change spending

Why allocate £1.2 million of taxpayer’s money to fight climate change when more practical and economical environmental measures are most needed? We need cleaner water to beautify our natural habitat and protect local wildlife, more trees to reduce noise pollution and improve air quality caused by road traffic, protection and enhancement of our urban green spaces and parks, and increasing quantities, visibility and use of bins to prevent the spread of litter.

…Lichfield’s Litter Legends regularly volunteer their time to tackle this issue, something I congratulate them for.

Christopher J. Wilkinson

Bin collection in my area of Lichfield is becoming an embarrassment. A group called In certain areas near the Trent Valley shops, rats have been seen – this is in the vicinity of two fooderies which will likely impact their hygiene rating and put their customers’ health at risk. Why not get refuse workers to report major areas of littering so that the response can be better targeted? Waste-ridden pools and water facilities is another issue; solutions are available to place net coverings over outlet pipes in order to catch any rubbish that comes through.

Staffordshire County Council shouldn’t be jumping ahead of the game on this issue.

Christopher J. Wilkinson

Staffordshire County Council shouldn’t be jumping ahead of the game on this issue. It’s far more important to get the basics right before we turn our attention to LED street lighting and solar energy, and that can be done at a lower cost to residents than some of the measures they’re proposing here.

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