Independent criticises Lichfield MP for COVID vaccination stance

On the day the UK enters its second nationwide lockdown, it appears our own Michael Fabricant MP has become an advocate of mass compulsory vaccination saying that ‘as more and more of the population are vaccinated and become immune or less susceptible to COVID-19, we can all begin to return to a more normal life’. There we have it, folks; our freedom will be given back (and likely in a lesser form than before) when we’ve all been given the ‘vaccine’. Most people will simply not need it, yet it’s looking like it will be forced upon everyone. Our own immune systems provide the best resistance to viruses, not half-baked and potentially dangerous drugs.

Our liberty is clearly being taken away from us right in front of our eyes…

Christopher J. Wilkinson

Nor is it going to be as safe and well tested as we would like it to be as Mr Fabricant also mentions ‘subject to ethics and regulatory approvals, these trials can assess and accelerate the development of effective vaccines more quickly and with fewer participants than standard phase 3 trials’. 300,000 people have already lined up for trials and it looks likely that the queue for the gulag will only get longer. Our liberty is clearly being taken away from us right in front of our eyes, and we don’t have much time left before it’s gone forever. We need to be far firmer in our stand against this tragic loss of personal freedom. I now fear we’re all majorly under attack from our own government.

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