Independent comments on departure of Dominic Cummings

The sudden departure of Dominic Cummings from Downing Street is bad news for Brexit and bad news for Britain. The timing of this is particularly telling. It has made the rehashed and unconstitutional May-Johnson deal much more likely. Considering his recent comments, Boris has indicated he intends to forge a stronger togetherness with a potential Biden administration in the US. This would mean a shift to the left on issues such as climate change, race relations, education and healthcare in Britain as well as America. As a nation, we cannot stomach any more socioeconomic damage caused by such poisonous policies.

Boris Johnson has acted more like a dictator than a Prime Minister since coming to office.

Christopher J. Wilkinson

It is also indicative of a much larger problem though. Boris Johnson has acted more like a dictator than a Prime Minister since coming to office. The events of this year have proven he lurches for extreme options far too easily to be trustworthy. He provides only processes but never solutions to problems. He has bounded around cluelessly performing u-turn after u-turn instead of focusing on a clear path to an appropriate needs-based destination. He has placed convenience over conviction. He has turned the Conservative Party into a bandwagon of identitarian socialists. Those MPs who disagree with him are a gutless, voiceless rump. He is not fit to lead his party, yet alone be Prime Minister.

Published by Christopher J. Wilkinson

Company Director of Blacklist Press Ltd.

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