No Deal Brexit backed by independent

The one silver lining to an otherwise horrendous year is to leave the EU with no deal. A deal was never on the cards up to and during the referendum campaign. A deal only became an ‘option’ when establishment remainers became bitter they hadn’t got their way with the referendum result and did everything theyContinue reading “No Deal Brexit backed by independent”

Independent slams increasing politicisation of Pope Francis

I’m sure Christians the world over are similarly ashamed at the fact the religion has at its forefront an increasingly and overtly political Pope. Not only is Pope Francis the theologian you’d expect him to be, he is now apparently a scientist able to lecture us on the benefits of wearing face masks, a culturalContinue reading “Independent slams increasing politicisation of Pope Francis”

Independent comments on departure of Dominic Cummings

The sudden departure of Dominic Cummings from Downing Street is bad news for Brexit and bad news for Britain. The timing of this is particularly telling. It has made the rehashed and unconstitutional May-Johnson deal much more likely. Considering his recent comments, Boris has indicated he intends to forge a stronger togetherness with a potentialContinue reading “Independent comments on departure of Dominic Cummings”

Christopher J. Wilkinson countersigns Great Barrington Declaration

Today, I have signed the Great Barrington Declaration. In doing so, I have joined the more than 414,904 citizens, 9,115 medical and public health scientists and 23,506 medical practitioners who have also signed the declaration which recognises the physical, mental and social damage being inflicted as a result of government coronavirus responses and calls forContinue reading “Christopher J. Wilkinson countersigns Great Barrington Declaration”