Christopher J. Wilkinson reflects on the resignation of Margaret Thatcher

Exactly thirty years ago today, Margaret Thatcher resigned as Prime Minister after losing the confidence of her pro-European cabinet colleagues. She wasn’t thrown out by the public at a general election, she wasn’t even defeated in a motion of confidence in the House of Commons – she was effectively stabbed in the front by her own disloyal and insubordinate party. If ever anyone wonders how far the Conservative Party will go to win elections without a thought for principle, then look no further than the events of 28 November 1990. Ever since that day, we’ve been drifting slowly towards a socialist state with the same style of wishy-washy government regardless of its political colour. Governments borrowing recklessly, taking more of taxpayer’s money, increasing the size and scope of state regulation and bureaucracy, inhibiting or delegitimising natural rights through legislation, intruding upon more and more aspects of our everyday lives. This event serves as a reminder that liberty won does not mean liberty guaranteed; only a codified written constitution can guarantee citizens their innate freedom.

The Conservative Party has done more to destroy the social and economic fabric of the country this year than we could ever have dreamt possible…

Christopher J. Wilkinson

I don’t believe Boris will survive until the next election; he too will be forced out by his party, but this time rightly so. His replacement, however, will be of the same breed as his own. After all, Boris is no libertarian despite claims to the contrary; his Draconian actions in willingly administering an economy-crushing lockdown and anti-human social distancing measures against all known science is evidence of this. The British electorate breathe sighs of relief too easily. The Conservative Party has done more to destroy the social and economic fabric of the country this year than we could ever have dreamt possible; they have achieved nothing short of tyranny, yet it is the British people themselves who continue to support them. They are welcome to their hell, but as a dissenter, I should not be bundled into the same sinking ship they are wedding themselves to. An opt out from ‘society’ is an opt out from collectivism; it isn’t selfish, it’s what’s best for me as an individual and it’s a choice I should legitimately have. Until political representatives come to office holding true to those concepts, we are doomed to a self-induced cycle of decline in perpetuity.

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