Christopher J. Wilkinson announces candidature for 2021 Staffordshire County Council Election and Lichfield Stowe by-election

I can announce today that I intend to stand as an independent candidate for the upcoming Staffordshire County Council election in the seat of Lichfield City North, and for the Lichfield City by-election in the Stowe ward.

These elections come at a critical time, not just for Lichfield or Staffordshire but for the country. The past year has seen an extraordinary change to the way we live our lives, but that change must be met by a need to change the way we address the issues we experience and see around us; businesses facing closure with pubs and restaurants shutting their doors for the last time, jobs being lost and the talents of dedicated workers being left to waste, worsening mental health and increases in suicide and domestic violence, family unity coming under strain from financial and health pressures, and an ever-present need to protect the local environment from litter and pollution. Ignoring the realities of what we’re up against is simply not an option.

In facing these challenges, we must refocus our attention on what we know to be right and translate that into decisive action at the ballot box. Common sense must triumph over pseudoscience. Facts must triumph over fiction. Kindness and understanding must triumph over hatred and intolerance. Liberty must triumph over tyranny. Political representatives must never be masters to the people; they must answer the difficult questions honestly and assess issues objectively without prescriptive or dogmatic policies that do more harm than good. As an independent candidate with no party machine behind me, I promise I shall hold true to all those principles.

The major political parties have proven themselves incapable or unwilling to provide the changes so desperately needed to improve our city whether it be on failure of Friarsgate and the inadequacy and unviability of its replacement, the Lichfield Masterplan, or the distinct lack of opposition to the construction of HS2 which is at this moment tearing through acres of local ancient woodlands and buildings; a scar on our earth which will not heal for centuries. We’re once again seeing important council meetings being held behind closed doors, huge housing projects being approved without supporting commercial infrastructure, and urban green spaces disappearing leaving communities without natural space for leisure and reducing land value. This really must change, and with your vote, it’s the change I will fight to deliver.

As a representative wishing to do things differently and restore trust between citizens and the council, I can commit myself to the following early pledges:

I will be easily accessible to residents. I can be contacted to discuss policies and issues of concern in advance of the election via the following means; by email (, my website (, Facebook (, and Twitter (

I will claim no expenses during the entire term of office. I will not add to the burden of already hard-pressed taxpayers in Lichfield by using a discredited system prone to corruption and abuse. Any expenses to be incurred shall be funded from my own pocket. In short, I shall do the job for free.

I will remain as an independent representative should I be elected. I will not change my political allegiances during the term of office for any reason. I shall confront each issue without any obligations to external groups or organisations looking to influence policy outcomes.

By supporting me, you are assured that there are no secrets or hidden agendas being kept from you. What you see really will be what you get. As party candidates inevitably serve party interests, only an independent candidate can truly serve the people’s interests. My values are based on classical liberal and libertarian philosophy, the ideas of which have been too often lost to history; I’m a big believer in free speech and expression, personal choice, civil liberties, natural rights, individual and national sovereignty, the rule of law, limited government, and democratic principles. If elected, I will be a representative for all residents – not just my voters. The change I’m offering is a much-needed change for the better. Politics should not be about choosing the best from a bad situation anymore, but about positive policies, constructive arguments and candidates that represent the best of ourselves. Above all else, we must all remember that there is more to life than politics alone.

I encourage all those with similar beliefs to come forward and participate in the electoral process, to stand for these elections and to vote for like-minded candidates. As many individuals can help produce small changes, together we can help achieve big victories for Lichfield.

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