The Libertarian Listener (31 March 2021)

With DAN LIDDICOTT of Independent Libertarians UK

The Libertarian Listener is a UK political podcast reviewing the week’s major news stories, current affairs and events whilst providing original insights, public opinions and perspectives from the nation’s freedom lovers and liberty seekers. Join Christopher Wilkinson for guest interviews, news reviews and pro-liberty political discussion plus campaigning as an independent candidate in the 2021 United Kingdom local elections.

Christopher Wilkinson and Dan Liddicott discuss this week’s top news stories including the latest developments with COVID-19, declining cases and death rates of the disease, alternative coronavirus policy responses including the Great Barrington Declaration, perspectives from sidelined epidemiology specialists such as Mike Yeadon, the development of COVID passports and the increasing scope of government authoritarianism, the ongoing UK vaccine rollout, Piers Morgan’s shock resignation from Good Morning Britain over backlash regarding his comments on Meghan Markle, the case for freedom of speech within news and mainstream media, the prospect of British republicanism, and the UK’s uncodified constitutional flexibility.


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Published by Christopher J. Wilkinson

Company Director of Blacklist Press Ltd.

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