Christopher J. Wilkinson launches election Manifesto: Liberty for Lichfield

Read my Manifesto here

Dear reader,

I present to you my manifesto, Liberty for Lichfield, for the local elections on May 6. I am a life-long resident of Lichfield. Our beautiful cathedral city is home to great talents and quaint buildings, with picturesque natural environments that make life in Lichfield a privilege. Our communities are becoming more diverse across the ages, and our shops are home to an increasing number of small and independent retailers offering a wide variety of niche products from modern cutlery to vintage collectables. The streets we walk are steeped in history from the days of Samuel Johnson and Erasmus Darwin; a sound reminder that if we are to look to the future we must learn from our past.

In this election, I’m placing a high priority on improving the accessibility and engagement local residents have with their political representatives, as well as ensuring you have the opportunity to have your voice heard when it comes to important local issues as I believe better representation makes for a better and more transparent local democracy. As such, you can contact me directly in the following ways:

• Write to Christopher Wilkinson, 7B Eastern Avenue, Lichfield, WS13 6TE
• Send an email to
• Send a message to
• Attend a Zoom meeting to discuss this manifesto and local policy issues (see website for announcement)

Political events over the past five years have generally been polarising. My aim through this people-orientated approach to local government is to establish common ground between people who would otherwise consider themselves political opponents. I hope that the wounds of political disagreement and harmful social conflicts can be healed by forging a platform of consensus on which we can all unite and build for the future.

That consensus, however, must be underpinned by an honest acknowledgement of our current circumstances nationally and how that will affect us all at a local level.

We’ve got to meet new challenges posed by remote working, education beyond the classroom and healthcare in the community. Above all, we need to get the economy going again and giving businesses the confidence to invest and create jobs. We need to support local organisations in moving their products and services online as consumers switch from the physical to the digital economy. We need to improve our transport connectivity within the region to make the most of the coming revival in tourism and hospitality. We’ve got to adapt quickly to the new needs of the economy by operating with greater flexibility and providing tools and support to reduce barriers to progress as companies grow their way out of recession. We must ensure that our neighbourhoods are supported with infrastructure and public services that encourage the growth of our communities and foster social cohesion. This manifesto considers all these needs.

Liberty for Lichfield has been designed to put your needs first having considered responses generated from a survey I released earlier in the campaign. You can be assured that I have listened and continue to listen to your concerns and that my policies reflect your needs. Regardless of how you vote, I aim to be a trusted representative for all residents in Stowe and Lichfield City North.

On election day, a vote for Christopher Wilkinson will be a vote for securing Lichfield’s future while respecting our city’s history, heritage and natural environment; for getting businesses going again and creating jobs by providing enhanced digital, commercial and transport infrastructure to make the most of the coming economic revival; and for a strong independent voice that will put local people’s interests first.

Please consider me for your vote on May 6.

Thank you,
Christopher Wilkinson

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