Christopher J. Wilkinson launches leaflet campaign for local elections in Lichfield

I’m standing in both the Stowe ward for the City Council and Lichfield City North for the County Council. I am a life-long resident of Lichfield, educated at Scotch Orchard and Nether Stowe and currently working in the retail sector. Our beautiful cathedral city steeped in history is home to great talent and quaint architecture, with a picturesque natural environment that makes living in Lichfield a privilege.

These elections come at a critical time, not just for Lichfield or Staffordshire but for the country. The past year has seen an extraordinary change to the way we live our lives, but that change must be met by a need to change the way we address the issues we experience and see around us; businesses facing closure with pubs and restaurants shutting their doors for the last time, jobs being lost and the talents of dedicated workers being left to waste, worsening mental health and increases in suicide and domestic violence, family unity coming under strain from financial and health pressures, and an ever-present need to protect the local environment from litter and pollution. Ignoring the realities of what we’re up against is simply not an option.

As an independent, I aim to be a trustworthy representative for all residents. I promise to be a dedicated and accessible representative who will value your voice on local issues, bringing together those from all walks of life, to heal political and social divisions, and to forge a consensus on which our community can unite and build for the future. My policies have been designed to put your needs first as expressed through a survey I released earlier in the campaign. I‘ve listened and continue to listen to your concerns and, with no party machine behind me, you can be assured that I will serve only the interests of the people of Lichfield.

I will claim no expenses during the entire term of office, be easily accessible to residents, remain as an independent representative should I be elected, uphold the Nolan principles and be a representative for all constituents – not just my voters. You can read my full manifesto at

On May 6th, a vote for Christopher Wilkinson will be a vote for securing Lichfield’s future while respecting our city’s heritage and natural environment; for getting businesses going again and creating jobs by providing enhanced digital, commercial and transport infrastructure to make the most of the coming economic revival; and for a strong independent voice that will put local people’s interests first.

Please consider me for your vote on May 6th.

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