Coronavirus Act renewal comes under fire from independent

Yesterday, the House of Commons voted to renew the Coronavirus Act 2020 for a further six months. 330 MPs voted in favour, 24 MPs voted against and the remainder abstained. The most dictatorial, freedom-hating, liberty-destroying government in British peacetime history has just received a mandate from our supposed representatives to continue unabated to destroy jobs,Continue reading “Coronavirus Act renewal comes under fire from independent”

Independent highlights credibility concerns over coronavirus statistics

We’re currently experiencing the second highest number of new coronavirus cases recorded this year, yet few people are panicking – and rightly so. According to the government, this is an emergency even though their increase in the number of daily tests has inevitably led to the detection of more cases. The reality is that thereContinue reading “Independent highlights credibility concerns over coronavirus statistics”

Leading scientists sign open letter calling for change to COVID policies

Leading scientists with credible reputations in virology have written an open letter to the government as the state rapidly loses control of the crisis they helped to cause. Aside from the crucial fact that Neil Ferguson’s COVID-19 modelling has still not been released for public scrutiny despite a promise to do so, government policy isContinue reading “Leading scientists sign open letter calling for change to COVID policies”

Independent raises questions over pandemic severity

For months, we’ve been led to believe there’s been a state of emergency and that we’re facing a serious pandemic the likes of which could have killed more than half a million people – but both these ignorantly-held beliefs are untrue. New legislation has been introduced to deal specifically with the pandemic, not even passingContinue reading “Independent raises questions over pandemic severity”

Government COVID policies questioned by independent

The arbitrary ‘rule of six’ regulation come into effect today amid fears of a second lockdown, despite very little evidence of a second wave of the virus having a significant effect. Lord Sumption recently noted that most of the lockdown, quarantine and regulatory measures have been made under the Public Health (Control of Disease) ActContinue reading “Government COVID policies questioned by independent”