Staffordshire County Council civic spending lambasted by independent

Lichfield Live has reported that Staffordshire County Council in cooperation with Veolia are offering cash grants of up to £750 for not-for-profit organisations, voluntary and community groups, schools, societies and charities to fund projects aimed at improving the local environment. Considering the growing number of lost jobs, failed and failing businesses, liquidity problems, mental healthContinue reading “Staffordshire County Council civic spending lambasted by independent”

Closed door council meetings come under fire from independent

Absolutely typical. We saw the same thing with the Friarsgate fiasco last year. Wherever Lichfield District Council’s financial matters are concerned, you can be sure that doors will start closing and lips will start tightening. Public trust in our representatives has been shattered by a variety of conflicts of interest, back room deals and financialContinue reading “Closed door council meetings come under fire from independent”

Christopher J. Wilkinson marks Remembrance Sunday 2020

Today is Remembrance Sunday. Perhaps more than any other year in my life, I consider this to be a very important day. We live in times when our way of life is under serious threat from within. The security and freedom we have enjoyed for so long, and that so many fought and died toContinue reading “Christopher J. Wilkinson marks Remembrance Sunday 2020”

Independent criticises Lichfield MP for COVID vaccination stance

On the day the UK enters its second nationwide lockdown, it appears our own Michael Fabricant MP has become an advocate of mass compulsory vaccination saying that ‘as more and more of the population are vaccinated and become immune or less susceptible to COVID-19, we can all begin to return to a more normal life’.Continue reading “Independent criticises Lichfield MP for COVID vaccination stance”

Coronavirus pseudoscience slammed by independent as measures tighten

Herd immunity is science. Lockdowns and social distancing are a pseudoscience with no historical precedent. There is no proof that what we’ve been asked to do is going to work, yet millions have begged and continue to beg for the government to intensify the measures to totalitarian levels so much so that we’re on ourContinue reading “Coronavirus pseudoscience slammed by independent as measures tighten”

Christopher J. Wilkinson joins the Samuel Johnson Society

Today, I joined the Samuel Johnson Society. A prolific literary critic, poet and playwright, Dr Johnson was best known for the publication of Johnson’s Dictionary (1755); the first comprehensive lexicon of its kind. …Boris Johnson has demonstrated a remarkable lack of moral understanding through his handling of the coronavirus. Christopher J. Wilkinson The meanings ofContinue reading “Christopher J. Wilkinson joins the Samuel Johnson Society”

Independent criticises government’s broken promises on COVID restrictions

Today is 225th day of the ‘temporary’ coronavirus restrictions. The initial lockdown in March was said to last for three weeks. It ended up being three months, and several local lockdowns have followed since. The government promised Christmas as usual with a return to normality by the end of the year. Now, should they keepContinue reading “Independent criticises government’s broken promises on COVID restrictions”

Hopes for future elections shared by independent

An election is an opportunity to vote for something, not against something else. Despite what anyone says, you also have a right not to vote if you choose. What surprises me is the number of people who voted for Boris Johnson in the 2019 General Election because they didn’t want Jeremy Corbyn to win. TheContinue reading “Hopes for future elections shared by independent”

Independent comments on ‘free’ school meals for children

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Instead of reducing the tax burden on poorer families so that they can afford to feed themselves, through lower business taxes enabling employers to pay them higher wages and lower personal taxes so people keep more of their own money, people assume that the state should interveneContinue reading “Independent comments on ‘free’ school meals for children”

Government control methods and fear tactics under fire from independent

The more the state grabs at an imagined prospect of power over every individual citizen with no regard for civil liberties or personal freedoms, the further away we are away from regaining what is normal. The measures that have been taken are not designed to control the virus, they are designed to control you; theContinue reading “Government control methods and fear tactics under fire from independent”