Christopher J. Wilkinson assumes stewardship of Independent Libertarians UK

Tonight, I have assumed stewardship of the Independent Libertarians UK association from Dan Liddicott after a handover meeting. This is a group that has great potential to build the future of British libertarianism. It is a movement that requires the varied skills of its members to bring about change for the better, and I’d encourageContinue reading “Christopher J. Wilkinson assumes stewardship of Independent Libertarians UK”

Analysis of ONS COVID statistics for 2020 provided by independent

The provisional full year ONS statistics for deaths registered weekly in England and Wales have been released ( It is worth noting that the Analysis spreadsheet in the dataset mentions that the statistics include instances ‘where COVID-19 or suspected COVID-19 was mentioned anywhere on the death certificate, including in combination with other health conditions’; thisContinue reading “Analysis of ONS COVID statistics for 2020 provided by independent”

Christopher J. Wilkinson reflects on the resignation of Margaret Thatcher

Exactly thirty years ago today, Margaret Thatcher resigned as Prime Minister after losing the confidence of her pro-European cabinet colleagues. She wasn’t thrown out by the public at a general election, she wasn’t even defeated in a motion of confidence in the House of Commons – she was effectively stabbed in the front by herContinue reading “Christopher J. Wilkinson reflects on the resignation of Margaret Thatcher”

Independent slams increasing politicisation of Pope Francis

I’m sure Christians the world over are similarly ashamed at the fact the religion has at its forefront an increasingly and overtly political Pope. Not only is Pope Francis the theologian you’d expect him to be, he is now apparently a scientist able to lecture us on the benefits of wearing face masks, a culturalContinue reading “Independent slams increasing politicisation of Pope Francis”

Independent questions motives behinds mass testing strategy

Staffordshire County Council are looking to recruit people to distribute COVID tests as part of the national rollout. The test is apparently designed to ‘quickly identify people who have the virus but may have no symptoms’. There is no meaningful or substantive evidence to suggest that COVID is unique in being the only symptomless virusContinue reading “Independent questions motives behinds mass testing strategy”

Council failure to follow best practice regarding data security scorned by independent

If it is found that Lichfield District Council has used thirteen unencrypted laptops to store, transfer or transmit personal data, then not only will the council’s reputation be irreparably damaged, but the law may very well have been broken too. It depends entirely on what purposes the laptops are being used for, but in anyContinue reading “Council failure to follow best practice regarding data security scorned by independent”

Doubts cast by independent on official COVID narrative

So now ‘health leaders’ in Staffordshire are suggesting people ought to get tested for the coronavirus if they begin experiencing headaches, aches and pains, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing and tiredness. Aren’t they pretty much the same symptoms you get with a regular cough or cold? And if so, what does that suggest to youContinue reading “Doubts cast by independent on official COVID narrative”

Independent comments on departure of Dominic Cummings

The sudden departure of Dominic Cummings from Downing Street is bad news for Brexit and bad news for Britain. The timing of this is particularly telling. It has made the rehashed and unconstitutional May-Johnson deal much more likely. Considering his recent comments, Boris has indicated he intends to forge a stronger togetherness with a potentialContinue reading “Independent comments on departure of Dominic Cummings”