Independent scorns views of Lichfield MP on personal freedoms

No, Mr Fabricant, we are not ‘selfish people’. We’re simply trying to do what’s best for ourselves and our families instead of what’s best for the government. Fortunately, people are now starting to see through the state’s lies. Christopher J. Wilkinson ‘Cases’ are five times higher than they were back in the Spring, yet deathsContinue reading “Independent scorns views of Lichfield MP on personal freedoms”

Christopher J. Wilkinson offers views on Lichfield District Council spending consultation

I shall certainly be contributing my views to this budget consultation, though I note that there is only an option to spend taxpayer’s money and not to save it. Like so many other years I guarantee that, regardless of the consultation process, this budget will not forge a path to surplus. It will increase theContinue reading “Christopher J. Wilkinson offers views on Lichfield District Council spending consultation”

Hopes for future elections shared by independent

An election is an opportunity to vote for something, not against something else. Despite what anyone says, you also have a right not to vote if you choose. What surprises me is the number of people who voted for Boris Johnson in the 2019 General Election because they didn’t want Jeremy Corbyn to win. TheContinue reading “Hopes for future elections shared by independent”

Government control methods and fear tactics under fire from independent

The more the state grabs at an imagined prospect of power over every individual citizen with no regard for civil liberties or personal freedoms, the further away we are away from regaining what is normal. The measures that have been taken are not designed to control the virus, they are designed to control you; theContinue reading “Government control methods and fear tactics under fire from independent”

Independent scorns Staffordshire County Council climate change spending

Why allocate £1.2 million of taxpayer’s money to fight climate change when more practical and economical environmental measures are most needed? We need cleaner water to beautify our natural habitat and protect local wildlife, more trees to reduce noise pollution and improve air quality caused by road traffic, protection and enhancement of our urban greenContinue reading “Independent scorns Staffordshire County Council climate change spending”

Christopher J. Wilkinson attends Wake Up Hull pro-rights rally

Today, I am attending a demonstration in Hull along with other notable libertarians to once again stand up for liberty and freedom, and stand against the misinformation, lies, deception and insidious evil of the government and its current coronavirus policies. I never thought the day would come where I viewed such events as necessary, butContinue reading “Christopher J. Wilkinson attends Wake Up Hull pro-rights rally”

Independent blasts remarks by local Lichfield councillor over COVID restrictions

I repeat what I said on Monday: What could we possibly do that we aren’t already doing? The problem is that the rules and restrictions imposed by the state and local authorities don’t work. Authoritarianism has been completely discredited during this debacle… Christopher J. Wilkinson Rising infections rates are not correlating into proportionally higher deathContinue reading “Independent blasts remarks by local Lichfield councillor over COVID restrictions”

Lichfield Masterplan push condemned by independent

Surely pressing ahead with the Lichfield Masterplan will increase the likelihood of a repeat of the failed Friarsgate project? The reason funding never materialised before was because the economic fundamentals of both the council and the project were unsound; to investors, it was a risk not worth taking. Amid a government-induced economic depression with theContinue reading “Lichfield Masterplan push condemned by independent”

Independent supports plans for recorded council meetings

I fully support the continuation of recorded council meetings on the grounds of openness and transparency in local government, and as such back this proposed motion to be put before Lichfield District Council. It is important that those individuals elected to office are visible and properly held to account. Christopher J. Wilkinson It is importantContinue reading “Independent supports plans for recorded council meetings”

Council criticised by independent over Lichfield Masterplan funding

Not exactly the most pressing of causes to be allocating taxpayer’s money to at this time. I doubt hard pressed local residents who’ve endured the painful experience of a state-imposed lockdown, food shortages, job losses, voluntary redundancies, business closures, mental health pressures, declining physical wellbeing and social deprivation would place a city centre renovation asContinue reading “Council criticised by independent over Lichfield Masterplan funding”